Lake Springfield

buy prednisone 20mg tablets Route 66 (middle) used to run right through where this lake is. This is Lake Springfield. Prior to 1935 there was no lake here, just the small Sugar Creek. Route 66 lies beneath the murky waters now. Once, in 1954 the road was resurrected during a severe drought. According to reports from that time the bridge that crossed the sugar creek is gone. Route 66 is still intact on both sides of the lake.Pasted-Graphic-61 Pasted-Graphic-62 Pasted-Graphic-66 Pasted-Graphic-67 Pasted-Graphic-68

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roamin' rich

roamin' rich Road warrior and explorer. Lives to search out old roads and find their hidden treasures. Claim to fame: Route 66! - Finding unknown alignments, promoting Route 66 through YouTube videos, and painting Route 66 shields along obscure alignments. Go Your Own Way!

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