Master Model Maker, Willem Bor Passes Away. Route 66 roadies mourn.

Willem Bor, master craftsman and Route 66 enthusiast has passed away on 1-17-2017. His memory will live on through his work. He created scale models of many of the iconic places on route 66 we roadies all adore.
I was fortunate to host a reveal in Pontiac, Illinois of his beautiful recreation of the O’Dell  Standard Station.  It’s located within the Pontiac motor car museum in Pontiac, Illinois.

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Watch below when Willem Bor meets Gary Turner back in 2012. 

Video only available here, so please share this article.


For more information about all of Willem’s models and how you can donate to his memory, please follow the link below.

The Route 66 community will miss you Willem.  Departed 1-17-17

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