Media YouTube:

Roamin’ Rich has been bringing compelling footage to the world since 2012. His YouTube channel features the following:

  • Zaprešić Footage from all 8 states on Route 66
  • People and places of Route 66
  • Promotion of Route 66 organizations
  • Route 66 shield painting
  • Dedications / tributes
  • General exploring of Route 66 places
  • Bridges from all over the USA
  • Abandoned places all over the USA
  • Drone videos
  • Food or places to eat on Route 66
  • Landmarks on Route 66
  • Other interesting old US highways and their landmarks


Roamin’ Rich brings his perspective to you in these exclusive images taken by the road warrior himself. Enjoy these unique views of rare scenes up and down Route 66 and other places.


The following articles were published in public periodicals such as the Show Me Route 66 Magazine, Keeping You On The MotherRoad, and the International Route 66 magazine.