New exclusive shirt from Roamin Rich – The Legend of Sunday John

Giarre I mentioned this earlier in a blog post a couple days ago.  I have two exclusive T-shirt designs coming.  The first one has arrived and is ready for you to own!  Here’s the catch.  This first one is available currently by donating to my engine replacement campaign, ONLY.  Any charitable roadie out there that donates more than $50.00 to my project to replace the adventure truck engine buy cytotec online with no perscription will receive this T-shirt, FREE!

Please donate today.  I can really use the help.  Running up and down the road for years, bringing the world compelling footage has cost tens of thousands of dollars.  If I’m going to keep bringing you great stuff, I’ll need an engine to do it, right?!  Thank You!!! Watch the video below to check out where I’ve been hiding out!  – It’s less than 2 minutes long!


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