Oak Grove Village Is The Next Route 66 Town To Promote Their Section Of The Road

Last week I lent out my Route 66 stencils to a small village neighboring Sullivan, Missouri.  Oak Grove Village is proud to be on Route 66 and they want to express their enthusiasm by applying the Route 66 shield on their roadway.

Pam Campbell contacted me several weeks ago to request the use of the Route 66 shields.  She wants to get them painted in anticipation of the next big event to hit the local area.  A total Solar Eclipse is going to happen in St. Clair, Missouri.  Pam expects to see a lot of travelers along Route 66 passing through to see the eclipse on August 21, 2017.  For more details about the eclipse check out this LINK

For information about Oak Grove Village check out this LINK

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-Roamin Rich


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