Roamin’ Rich along America’s old highways


buy stromectol scabies online Subscribe now and ride with me, Roamin’ Rich along America’s old highways; especially Route 66. I’ll show you some of the popular sites and a whole lot more of places and people seldom ever seen. My channel is your porthole to old Americana and nostalgia not commonly found in the hustle and bustle of the rat race.

I try bringing new videos from all over Route 66 and other parts of America at least once a month. Subscribe now and go your own way down the path less traveled right here on YouTube.

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roamin' rich

roamin' rich

Road warrior and explorer. Lives to search out old roads and find their hidden treasures. Claim to fame: Route 66! - Finding unknown alignments, promoting Route 66 through YouTube videos, and painting Route 66 shields along obscure alignments. Go Your Own Way!

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