Roamin Rich’s bridge photography nominated for an award

Bridgehunter’s Chronicles is a website dedicated to the awareness of historic bridges all over the world.  This winter they have nominated a handful of photographs from the United States and Europe for their Othmar H Ammann award.  Out of 17 nominnated photos, Roamin Rich has three photographs nominated for best photo.  Two of those three photos feature bridges from Route 66.  The Devil’s Elbow bridge in Pulaski County Missouri and The Municipal Free Bridge which spans the Mississippi River from St. Louis to East St. Louis.  The third photo offered by Roamin Rich is of the old bridge over the Mojave River between Apple Valley, California and Victorville.  It’s just a couple blocks from Route 66 in Victorville.

Please take a moment to vote for your favorite bridge from Roamin Rich by going to the voting site.

Municipal Free / MacArthur Bridge in St. Louis

Route 66 – Devil’s Elbow Bridge at night


Bridgehunter Chronicles is offering other awards for major accomplishments such as Best Bridge of the year, Mystery Bridge, and Lifetime Legacy.  More information and a full list of the awards and their descriptions can be found by clicking this link.


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