Route 66 2018 Year End Review – Goals for 2019

Alright roadies, before you know it we will be ushering in 2019!  We are quickly approaching the 100 year anniversary of Route 66 which will take place in 2026!  Let’s take a quick look at some of the great accomplishments we took part in this year on Route 66!  Check out the video below and share with your roadie pals!


Without your help, we couldn’t achieved the success we had!  We managed to help save the Painted Desert Trading Post in Chambers, Arizona.  We stabilized the last remaining cabin at John’s Modern Cabins near Jerome, MO.  Also near Jerome MO, we managed to help clean up the grounds at the Trail of Tears Memorial and Herb Garden.  We helped put a stop to the destruction an removal of a special slab of Route 66 in Springfield, MO.  Speaking of road, we managed to get some much needed stencils into the hands of a few towns on Route 66 so they could appropriately brand their portion of the Mother Road.  We are well on our way to saving the Gasconade River Bridge in Hazelgreen from destruction.  This week, The Guardians hired a private engineering firm from Texas to assess and examine the bridge to help formulate a feasibility report.  We also welcomed some great new assets to our community!  Joel & Shawna Holtman took over the EAT-RITE diner.  The Webster County Route 66 Initiative put on a great festival in Marshfield MO.  Patricia Fribis, the Mayor of Sunset Hills, MO put on a great inaugural Route 66 bicycle ride.  Mary Beth Babcock introduced us to Buck Atoms in Tulsa, Oklahoma which promises to deliver some BIG news in 2019.

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Those are only a few things the Route 66 community has accomplished this year.  We aren’t finished though!!!  In just a few weeks, I (Roamin Rich) will be participating in the Missouri Route 66 election.  I will be running for president of the association.  My good friend, Judy Wallmark will be running for Secretary in the same election.  If you love Route 66 and believe our heritage is worth saving and improving, we hope you’ll join us at the election on January 12 at the Mills Center in Lebanon, MO!  The association already has a great group of people and board members.  We hope to add some great positive energy to the group and make the association become an even greater instrument for Route 66 preservation and development!  With your vote, we can make it happen.  Share and Be there!!!

MO66 2019 Election!

MO66 2019 Election!

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