Take a tour of the Painted Desert Trading Post!!! 2018

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Do you love Route 66???  Well my friend, this lonely old building is one of the most sought after destinations for any hard core explorer out there on Route 66.  It’s out in the middle of nowhere, surrounding by not much more than grass and desert.  The Painted Desert Trading Post has been abandoned for decades but it has been drawing interest from Route 66 tourists all over the world.

Earlier this year you may have heard about the forming of a preservation group going by the name of The Route 66 CO OP.  They are aiming to preserve this old landmark for future explorers.  Earlier in April of 2018, myself and two other members set out to assess the condition and make alterations to the structure to help shore it up.  While we were there I was able to get some great footage inside and outside of the old trading post.  Check it out here…  http://nghomes.com/2021/05/31/anonymous-trader-bitcoin But before you do, would you please share this great footage with your pals???

If you are fortunate enough to catch this post in time, you should take advantage of an opportunity to purchase a limited edition T-shirt to commemorate the old trading post.  Check it out here, but don’t delay because as of writing this there are only 3 days left to order!!!!

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