The iconic Painted Desert Trading Post in Chambers Arizona has been sold?

April 8, 2018

RE: Painted Desert Trading Post on Route 66 near Chambers, AZ

Contact: Roamin Rich Dinkela, 314.369.4366

For Immediate Release:

The Painted Desert Trading Post (PDTP), one of the most iconic landmarks of the southwest, has been sold. I am excited to announce to you the new owner of the PDTP and the 94 acres on which it stands is the Route 66 Co-op.

It was brought to my attention several months ago that the fate of this property was uncertain. The property was for sale and it seemed as though it may fall into the hands of those with little regard to the historical significance of the property. A local rancher was attempting to purchase the land and may have been unaware of historic value.

The importance of saving this landmark prompted me to act. I immediately looked for ways to procure the property. In the end, the simple solution was to form a Co-op. The Co-op is formed of likeminded parties contributing equal dollar amounts to meet the sales price and acquisition fees of the PDTP and the property it resides on. The Co-op is a not for profit association with 10 occupied seats.
The Co-op is comprised of the following members: Richard Dinkela, Kenneth Krauss, Jim Ross & Shellee Graham, Nick Gerlich, Mike Ward, Frank Maloney, Ryan Maloney, Steve Rider, Richard & Judy Walker, and David Wickline.

The mission of the Co-op is to preserve the PDTP and other historical assets located within the confines of the property. Our immediate focus will be determining required measures needed to stabilize and protect the PDTP structure itself. In the last eight years the PDTP has seen significant damage to its structure due to unrestricted access of roaming cattle. In 2012, I strung up barbed wire around the structure to help prevent further damage. That may have kept the cattle out, but severe damage had already been caused to the structure, most notably the southwest corner window frame.
Our group is excited about this venture. We want to demonstrate to the Route 66 community that preservation is a possibility no matter the hurdles involved. We know that roadies and tourists are excited as well. As far as access to the PDTP is concerned, we are currently working with our neighbors to bring about an access plan that will not infringe on daily operations of the nearby ranches. We will announce access plans as well as other developments as they unfold.

For those of you not familiar with this highly regarded landmark, check out photos and video below.

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  1. RoaminRich
    RoaminRich 8 April, 2018 at 14:16

    From Jim Ross: Myself (Jim Ross), Rich, and Mike Ward will be making a trip to the property later this month to assess the site and start formulating plans to stabilize the building. How far we take it depends entirely on fundraising and our ability to be on-site over a period of time. We know that access is at the top of most roadies’ list, and we will address that as soon as possible. We want folks to be able to visit the site. Likewise, we have to find a way to retain its historic integrity and prevent vandalism. The good news is that the PDTP is now in the hands of roadies who have only the best interests of all concerned at heart. Stay tuned!

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