The Most Amazing Views Of Route 66! – An aerial documentary by Roamin Rich

It’s been more than 2 years in the works but it’s finally here.  I’m honored to bring you some of the most breath taking , amazing views of Route 66 as only can be seen from the air.  Most of the video work was shot from a multitude of aerial platforms.  Everything you see is purely Route 66.  I try to embrace the more natural characteristics of the road, while touching on the full spectrum of Route 66:  People, Places, and the Road Bed itself.

The work started in 2014 and was finished up in late 2016.  It took thousands of miles, dollars, gallons of fuel, and hours to create this great video.  I’m giving it all to you, the fans of Route 66, for free.  You’ll be amazed by this video! – You have to share this article with your friends so they can witness these unseen perspectives of our beautiful road!


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