Using map coordinates is fun and easy – Here’s how!

What are Map Coordinates?  Do you ever see someone online talking about a geographic location and they will spout off some numbers like it’s some sort of secret cryptic message???  Well put away your decoder rings because I’m here to explain what coordinates are and how to use them; all in terms you’ll be able to understand and use!

Coordinates are a series of numbers that may also include letters denoting east, west, north, south according to the hemisphere the geographic location resides in.  In the case of this photo my friend has mentioned the destruction of a bridge on Route 66.  He provided everyone the following numbers:  37.172886,-94.405972 .  Now anyone in the world can understand where exactly he is talking about just by using the COPY and PASTE technique.  Copy those numbers and then paste them into your favorite browser, map program, or map site.  It will show you exactly what he is referring to.

If you want to know the exact meaning of every number and how it pertains to finding geotagged locations try this Wiki-Link.


If you used the COPY and PASTE technique, copying the coordinates and pasting them into Google Maps, you should find yourself here:


Check out my video on coordinates for an even better tutorial on how you can have fun with map coordinates.  I’ll cover iOS, Android, and PC.  Don’t forget to SHARE!


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